Offshore Monitoring Attends the Autonomous Ship Expo 2022

Offshore Monitoring Limited, a developer of innovative maritime solutions, is attending this year’s Autonomous Ship Expo in Amsterdam RAI, the Netherlands, from 21st to 23rd June.

The team will be discussing the  LadarTM Sensor Suite, an innovative laser & computer-vision based detection sensor suite solution for sustainable maritime activity, and as a coordinator, exploring partnership opportunities for future testing, trials, and demonstration activities of the solution.

The three-day exhibition and conference will provide a platform for exhibitors and visitors to explore innovations in autonomous navigation technology, autonomous operation solutions, sensor technology, and more.

About Offshore Monitoring Limited

Founded in 2007, O.M. Offshore Monitoring Limited is committed to improving the efficiency, safety, security, and navigation for commercial shipping and other related offshore activities by transferring non-maritime emerging technologies into the maritime and offshore marketplace.

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