We Innovate

VoyOpt ™

VoyOpt™ provides a 24/7 automated Voyage Optimization and Weather Routing service. The service provides optimized routes. Our system calculates the Voyage Optimization based on its input of metocean conditions obtained from an extensive catalogue of inputs from Earth Observations (EO) data, in-situ observations, weather forecast models and Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI). Our ship performance models allow to optimize for (any or a combination of) minimum fuel consumption, lowest emissions, best Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), safest voyage, least ship structural stress.

Ladar ™ Sensor Suite

The Ladar™ Sensor Suite offers a more complete, accurate, reliable, and adaptable solution to maritime security, safety, and surveillance. The Suite also protects large and small vessels, ports, offshore and onshore platforms, pipelines, amongst others from sea and port collisions with other vessels and with floating, partially submerged, and submerged objects, such as containers and ice floes. In addition, the innovative solution enables the surveillance of infrastructures or areas, law enforcement, maintenance, and environmental activities.


SafeNav is a highly innovative, digital collision prevention solution that will significantly reduce the probability of collisions, impact damage, grounding, and contribute to safer navigation by faster reliable real-time detection of a variety of obstacles (other vessels, fixed installations, submerged/semi-submerged objects, and marine mammals) in the marine environment, using data from state-of-the art sensors and other relevant sources, and effective visual representation of the multi- source data to the navigators for quick COLREG- based decision-making support. This is a stepping-stone towards remote-operated and autonomous shipping.

Multi-Sensor Offshore Safety System ™ (SOS)

The Multi-Sensor Offshore Safety System ™ (SOS) solution is a sensor surveillance system able to detect, characterize and track person-overboard events in real time. This is an ‘automated watchman’ system that detects and alerts in man overboard scenarios, thus reducing the loss of lives at sea.

Maritime Radar Systems ™

The Radar surveillance system (APS-NET) enables highly accurate observations of objects surrounding the ship or offshore platform or coastal infrastructure. The system can either be used as a primary surveillance and monitoring system, or as a valuable addition to conventional surveillance and monitoring techniques to increase accuracy, resolution (both spatial and temporal) and usability in various weather and sea state conditions.

Horizon Test Vessel

Our solutions are installed on a test vessel, our own custom-made catamaran of 18.3 x 8.6 meters, which is specifically designed for testing, validating, demonstrating and promotional purposes.

The map below indicates the test vessel’s location in real-time. If we are in your area and you would like a demonstration, please email us at