24/7 monitoring systems

Offshore Monitoring provides monitoring systems and sensor solutions for the maritime and offshore industries. Our aim is to improve safety, security and navigation for commercial shipping and offshore operations.

There are numerous sources of sensor and observational data available today, but only very few of them are used for the maritime and offshore industry. Offshore Monitoring combines non-maritime emerging technologies (primarily from the space and military domains) with newly developed sensors into effective monitoring solutions for safer and more efficient shipping.

With many years of domain expertise and a thorough understanding of sensor innovations, Offshore Monitoring is able to deliver monitoring systems with great added value to the offshore industry.

An overview of what we do

Aid in search and rescue

Detect and track humans in the water

Optimise sail planning

Reduce fuel and emission, improve sailing time

Avoid collisions

Detect floating debris and various types of objects

Detect sea ice

Improve safety with tactical ice navigation

Improve maritime security

Detect divers and wireless pirate communication

Monitor sea state and waves

Improve passenger and crew comfort

Monitor local bathymetry

Prevent groundings effectively

Detect sea mammals

Avoid collisions with (large) sea mammals

Preserve valuable assets

Optimise maintenance cycles for asset preservation
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How do we monitor the world?